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Ransburg electro spray paint surface treatment systemOur in-house electrostatic spray painting uses state-of-the-art machinery to ‘charge the paint’ this makes the paint attract to the metal in all directions (in much the same way as magnets are drawn to one another). Unlike conventional spray processes electrostatic spraying provides a much cleaner finish with no overspray or spattering, electro-paint is perfect for intricate metalwork or irregularly shaped fabrications.

How does it work?

At LR Engineering we use a specialist Ransburg electrostatic coating process that uses charged particles to more efficiently apply paint. The air hose supplies air to the spray gun in the same way that standard HVLP (High Pressure Low Volume) works. Part of the air operates a turbine in the gun and the rest of the air atomizes the paint being sprayed. The turbine generates power, which is converted by the power cartridge, to supply high voltage current to the gun’s ionizing electrode. We carry out electrostatic spray painting of wet paint; both single-pack and two-pack paints. We can paint any colour on the BS4800, RAL and BS381C colour charts.

Ransburg electro static spray paint surface treatment

Is electrostatic painting better than conventional spray painting?

The wrap around effect of electrostatic spray painting ensures an even mill thickness of the coating system. This leaves behind a finished coating without the unevenness, high and low spots of conventional paint spray applications. The method is incredibly efficient, using over 90% of sprayed paint due to reduced over-spray and better wrap-around.

Does electrostatic spray painting work for all materials?

Although we normally paint metals, nearly any material can be sprayed electrostatically. If the electrostatically charged paint “sees” a conductive grounded surface it will be attracted to it. A nonconductive piece can be sprayed electrostatically by either putting it between the applicator and a conductive grounded surface or spraying the piece conventionally with a conductive primer.

Other Coatings

We can facilitate many other processes using our extensive relationships with other local and national companies. These include:

  • Zinc plating
  • Chemical blacking
  • Galvanising
  • Powder coating
  • Annodising

Just contact us with your requirements and we will do our very best to assist

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