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LR Engineering are a Bosch Rexroth UK Sales PartnerAt L R Engineering (Fairford) Ltd we are able to provide you with a complete service, from free no obligation quotes, through design, to assembly and delivery or site installation.

We are authorised Sales Partners to Bosch Rexroth. With our close working relationship with Bosch Rexroth we can support you with many of your needs.

Sales Partners to Bosch Rexroth - LR Engineering, Fairford, GloucestershireGeographically we are only 15 minutes from the UK headquarters for Bosch Rexroth, because of this if we do not have the items required within our own extensive stocks, we are likely to be able to obtain them direct from Bosch Rexroth.

As authorised Sales Partners to Bosch Rexroth, LR Engineering (Fairford) Ltd offers a complete survey / design / build / install service from our dedicated assembly facility. We primarily deal with the Assembly Technology product group, specialising in Basic Mechanical Elements and Manual Production Systems.

With our help our customers are encouraged to look beyond the product catalogues, we have the resources to design and build custom-made assemblies, without the restrictions of the catalogues. Alternatively, of course, we can supply standardised assemblies and component parts.

L R Engineering (Fairford) Ltd can offer you the world’s largest modular profile range, which utilises Bosch Rexroth’s profile groove system. The system has become a worldwide standard and there are 6 different profile series in the modular profile range, offering over 71 different sizes, and many more configurations. Another advantage: all of the profiles are compatible.

With dozens of bolt-together connectors available for virtually any load or application, welding is a thing of the past when we use these systems for factory structures. In addition, aluminium structural framing looks clean and aesthetically pleasing and needs no painting or other finishing. Unless, of course you want it a different colour, it’s up to you!

Accessories add flexibility and utility: Bosch Rexroth has one of the most complete selections of accessories available, to extend your applications beyond simple frames and bases to complete, multi-functional structures. Components for storage, parts presentation, tool organization, worker comfort, and many other applications mean we can build just exactly the structure you need for the task.

ESD – Electro Static Discharge

Components that can be damaged or destroyed by static discharge due to their electrical properties and interior construction are the cause of millions of pounds of lost revenue annually.

Manufacturing equipment and workstations must be ESD-capable to protect sensitive components. Bosch Rexroth’s tested and proven connection technology ensures electrical conductivity of enclosures, frames, tables, and flow racks etc.

As we and Bosch Rexroth take this topic very seriously, ESD requirements have consistently been implemented in many of the components. Our workstation systems offer you a complete package that covers everything, including ESD-capable chairs.

Basic Mechanical Elements

Bosch Rexroth basic mechanical elements assembly technologyThe MGE modular profile system (Basic Mechanical Elements) from Rexroth comprises flexible components for universal use in frames, fixtures, work tables, safety devices and protective fences, utilising aluminium frame structures.

We can easily solve the most varied of tasks using the world’s largest modular profile system – with over 100 different strut profiles.

We can build a virtually limitless range of products, not restricted to; frames, enclosures, fixtures, protective barriers, work tables and many more.

The aluminium modular profile system therefore not only offers a wide range of options, but also numerous advantages:

  • Shorter assembly time
  • Smaller production areas
  • Reusable components
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Flexible expansion and conversion

Further information on the Aluminum Profile System from Rexroth LR Engineering download PDF

Further information on High Profile Applications LR Engineering download PDF

Structural Framing

Standardised aluminium strut profiles, a broad spectrum of sturdy and detachable connections and multipurpose accessories, make MGE components an extremely flexible option.

We can assemble the aluminium structural framing into almost unlimited applications. It is often more economical than steel for guarding, workstations, tables, machine bases or almost any structure.


Assembly Technology services in Gloucestershire UKThe EcoSafe safety fencing, with a wide range of combination possibilities, offers a flexible and cost-effective protective system. The emphasis is on fast assembly when we use our experienced engineers, and we can also extend or modify on-site. It goes without saying that the EcoSafe protective system meets the strictest European standards for protective barriers.

The modular, extremely versatile design of the EcoSafe protective system provides an attractive alternative to other more inflexible steel constructions – in fact, we often find the prices very competitive against our other fabricated guarding.

Hardboards, polycarbonate panels, plastic boards, sheet steel plates, sound-proof panels, or just about any other material can also serve as protective surfaces. Customers can choose between swivel, sliding, lift or folding doors depending on their particular requirements.

Further information on the Bosch Rexroth EcoSafe protective system LR Engineering download PDF

Manual Production Systems (MPS)

The Manual Production Systems (MPS) from Bosch Rexroth have been developed in line with lean production.

An ergonomic workstation design plays a decisive role in reducing waste during production. From an ergonomic aspect, the main focus is on the worker.

Manufacturing equipment and workstations must be ESD-capable to protect sensitive components. Bosch Rexroth’s tested and proven connection technology ensures electrical conductivity of enclosures, frames, tables, and flow racks etc.

Further information: The Ergonomics Guidebook to Manual Production Systems LR Engineering download PDF

Workstation Systems Assembly Technology Gloucestershire

Workstation Systems

The workstation systems offer you a complete package that covers everything, including ESD-capable chairs.

With MPS, we can flexibly design your own individual workstation solution. You can choose from custom products, which will enable us to put together the perfect solution for you using numerous parameters. Or you can choose from standard products with fixed dimensions.

In addition, a comprehensive range of accessories including workstation lighting, power supplies, information provision and positioning of tools, as well as ESD components and swivel work chairs, is available.

EcoShape – The Next Dimension in Tubular Framing Systems

Assembly Technologies Ecosafe

The new EcoShape tubular framing system allows easy connection within its own range and the strut profiles in the Basic Mechanical Elements modular profile system. It can also be combined with components from the Manual Production Systems (MPS) and the Flow Rack Systems to create individual solutions.

We can achieve higher stability thanks to optimized profiles and connectors, along with an approximate reduction in weight of over 30% compared to similar steel tube systems.

We can ensure safe conductivity of all components thanks to electrostatic discharge (ESD) versions of all components.

Further information on EcoShape LR Engineering download PDF

Versatile for you

EcoShape is unsurpassed in its versatility.

The design possibilities are almost endless with just a small number of components. The only tubular framing system of its kind, it utilises the same t-slot system as the profiles in the Basic Mechanical Elements modular profile system and Manual Production Systems. This means that there is even more choice when we are designing professional, custom workstations, material shuttles, and flow racks to meet your needs, as well as many other applications. EcoShape round tubes can be used as a slide rail instead of conveyor rollers using the XLean adapter.

  • Unrivalled versatility for a variety of combinations and configurations
  • Create flexible and uniform applications
  • Achieve high stability with aluminium profiles and engineered connection technology
  • Professionally extend and optimize existing production lines to meet your changing needs as they arise

Cost effective, high quality

Because of the ease we are able to create new solutions or expand existing ones with EcoShape, we are able to keep costs down. We are able to implement practical solutions almost anywhere with only 14 standard components.

With intelligently designed and robust connections we can create reliable and stable maintenance-free assemblies. EcoShape’s sophistication ensures a sturdy connection and outstanding resistance to unwanted rotation and torsion.


EcoShape is efficient and environmentally-friendly from start to finish. All components are made of anodized aluminium and die cast zinc / aluminium, so when you have finished with a particular assembly you can easily reuse or recycle them.

Efficiency is EcoShape’s greatest strength.

Material Supply and Flow Rack Systems

Assembly Technologies - Bosch Rexroth modular profile system, UKBosch Rexroth Flow Rack Systems offer a wide range of options for storing and supplying materials, containers, and more. They are extremely economical thanks to various conveyor track and roller options. As with all of the systems and assemblies we build using the Bosch Rexroth components they are future-proof due to easy conversion and expansion.


The flow rack system XLean consists of a steel profile and rollers with or without a roller flange. This flow rack system is particularly cost-effective.


The flow rack system Lean is characterized by great flexibility and versatility. Red, yellow and green rollers provide visual indicators for timely replenishment, while also preventing surplus line-side inventory.


The flow rack system EcoFlow has universal rollers with variable widths. This makes EcoFlow ideal for heavy loads and workpiece pallets as well as for transporting materials in blister packs, wash frames, and cardboard boxes.

Although we can supply you with individual components, we do provide a full service. We are here to help with your requirements, so if you know what you want or not please give us a call and we can assist you.

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