EcoShape – The Next Dimension in Tubular Framing Systems

Bosch Rexroth EcoShape assembly UK

The new EcoShape tubular framing system allows easy connection within its own range and the strut profiles in the Basic Mechanical Elements modular profile system. It can also be combined with components from the Manual Production Systems (MPS) and the Flow Rack Systems to create individual solutions.

We can achieve higher stability thanks to optimised profiles and connectors, along with an approximate reduction in weight of over 30% compared to similar steel tube systems.

We can ensure safe conductivity of all components thanks to electrostatic discharge (ESD) versions of all components.

Bosch Rexroth EcoShape Assembly frame systems

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Versatile for you

EcoShape is unsurpassed in its versatility.

The design possibilities are almost endless with just a small number of components. The only tubular framing system of its kind, it utilises the same t-slot system as the profiles in the Basic Mechanical Elements modular profile system and Manual Production Systems. This means that there is even more choice when we are designing professional, custom workstations, material shuttles, and flow racks to meet your needs, as well as many other applications. EcoShape round tubes can be used as a slide rail instead of conveyor rollers using the XLean adapter.

  • Unrivalled versatility for a variety of combinations and configurations
  • Create flexible and uniform applications
  • Achieve high stability with aluminium profiles and engineered connection technology
  • Professionally extend and optimize existing production lines to meet your changing needs as they arise

Ecosafe aluminium frame assembly Gloucestershire

Cost effective, high quality

Because of the ease we are able to create new solutions or expand existing ones with EcoShape, we are able to keep costs down. We are able to implement practical solutions almost anywhere with only 14 standard components.

With intelligently designed and robust connections we can create reliable and stable maintenance-free assemblies. EcoShape’s sophistication ensures a sturdy connection and outstanding resistance to unwanted rotation and torsion.


EcoShape is efficient and environmentally-friendly from start to finish. All components are made of anodized aluminium and die cast zinc / aluminium, so when you have finished with a particular assembly you can easily reuse or recycle them.

Efficiency is EcoShape’s greatest strength.