Bosch EcoSafe safety fencing UKEcoSafe

The EcoSafe safety fencing, with a wide range of combination possibilities, offers a flexible and cost-effective protective system. The emphasis is on fast assembly when we use our experienced engineers, and we can also extend or modify on-site. It goes without saying that the EcoSafe protective system meets the strictest European standards for protective barriers.

The modular, extremely versatile design of the EcoSafe protective system, provides an attractive alternative to other more inflexible steel constructions – in fact, we often find the prices very competitive against our other fabricated guarding.

Hardboards, polycarbonate panels, plastic boards, sheet steel plates, sound-proof panels, or just about any other material can also serve as protective surfaces. Customers can choose between swivel, sliding, lift or folding doors depending on their particular requirements.

Further information on the Bosch Rexroth EcoSafe protective system LR Engineering download PDF


Possible applications of Bosch Rexroth Ecosafe:

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