Surface Treatments Facilities

Ransburg electrostatic spray paint surface treatment systemOur in-house electrostatic spray painting uses state-of-the-art equipment to ‘charge’ the paint, this makes the paint attract to the product in all directions (in much the same way as magnets are drawn to one another). Unlike conventional spray processes electrostatic spraying provides a much cleaner finish with no overspray or spattering, electro-paint is perfect for intricate metalwork or irregularly shaped fabrications.

Our new 12.5 x 7.1m fully sealed spray booth enables us to paint items that are either free-standing, on trestles, or hung. We carry out electrostatic spray painting of wet paint; both single-pack and two-pack paints. We have 3 no. large 630mm diameter extraction fans with silencers which draw the air from the booth through a 10m x 2m filter wall. Clean air is fed into the booth through another filter wall.

We use a specialist Ransburg Vector Solo cordless electrostatic gun. Part of the air operates a turbine in the gun and the rest of the air atomizes the paint being sprayed. The turbine generates power, which is converted by the power cartridge, to supply high voltage current to the gun’s ionizing electrode.

Our facilities are usually used for metal painting, however, nearly any material can be sprayed electrostatically.

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