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5 Typical Bosch Rexroth Projects

We work on a huge range of projects using Bosch Rexroth aluminium profiles. In this blog we outline 5 project types that we regularly undertake using assembly technology solutions, and typical uses for each. Can you spot your next aluminium extrusion project on the list?

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Bosch Rexroth Projects

1. Workstations

Workstations have a broad range of uses, from research and development to small component assembly work such as in the manufacture of medical devices or consumer electronics.

No workstation project is the same, and they can vary hugely depending on the products and components being created. With the vast range of Bosch Rexroth aluminium extrusions available, workstations can be tailored entirely to your specific project, with options for panelling, lighting, electrics, height adjustment, working space and component storage, and many more tailored solutions.

Bosch Rexroth’s strut profiles are ideal for creating workstations, as the aluminium is lightweight but very sturdy. We can also offer more heavy-duty solutions if needed, for workstations using heavier equipment.

Workstations are typically static, however for the occasional projects which require movable stations, we’ve been able to adapt the design with castors to provide greater flexibility.

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Bosch Rexroth Projects

2. Flow Rack Systems, Movable Racking Systems & Trolleys

Designed to move products and WIP (work in progress) efficiently around the factory or warehouse floor, flow rack systems, movable racking systems and trolleys can be custom-built to suit project requirements.

Typically used in medium to high volume manufacturing and production plants, these solutions are used to manage and move components from stores to line-side for use, or between production cells. Flow rack systems are ideal for FIFO (First-In-First-Out) solutions and are often used in picking systems for stores as well as for holding components on production lines. Meanwhile, movable racking systems and trolleys are ideal for moving items around the manufacturing plant.

We’ve worked on a wide range of flow rack projects, including for major car manufacturers, rail component producers, and companies producing components and assemblies in a general manufacturing environment. Meanwhile, movable racking systems and trolleys have often been used to complement workstation projects, as well as being used by a number of different manufacturing and R&D sites.

Depending on requirements, we often recommend Bosch Rexroth’s EcoShape tubular aluminium profile system for use on these types of projects due to its lower cost and lightweight design which is easy to move around. We’ll sometimes integrate this with standard strut profiles for extra strength where needed, and our expert team can assemble and set up the entire system to reduce your installation time.

Bosch Rexroth Projects

3. Motorised Conveyor Systems

We have considerable expertise in integrating Bosch Rexroth motorised conveyor systems. Conveyor projects we work on generally use either the Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow Plus or TS2 Plus systems.

The VarioFlow Plus is a chain conveyor system which is ideal for manufacturing settings where items need to be moved quickly and efficiently around the factory. This is a slim, lightweight, powered conveyor solution which can operate at different heights and levels, offering great flexibility for use. A typical use for this kind of system is the bottling industry, where the motorised conveyor system transports bottles at speed and volume.

For busy production lines, we typically recommend the Bosch Rexroth TS2 Plus transfer system, which is a larger, more heavyweight option. It can be used to move products from one area of the facility to another, and is also an ideal assembly line solution whereby the product can be built on pallets on the line, moving between stages as needed.

For conveyor system projects using the TS2 Plus, additional jigs and fixtures are often also required to support products on the line. Setting us apart from other suppliers, we have an in-house fabrication division and are able to provide fabricated jigs and fixtures to meet your exact requirements, and to be compatible with the conveyor system.

Bosch Rexroth Projects

4. EcoSafe Guarding Systems

For projects requiring safety guarding, we typically use Bosch Rexroth’s EcoSafe guarding system, as it is a modular solution which can be adapted or reused quickly and easily for different production line setups as they change. Welded, fabricated alternatives provide limited flexibility for reuse, so would only be appropriate for a smaller subset of guarding projects. Depending on your specific project, we can provide either solution, and our team will be able to advise you on the most suitable option for your requirements.

EcoSafe guarding systems can be used for a wide range of guarding purposes, from a single piece of machinery to entire production lines. The modular construction means the EcoSafe system can be modified to suit any size or length of line. Some car manufacturing projects we’ve worked on have involved providing safety guarding for production lines which are over 100m long.

These systems are versatile for a wide range of uses, but typical projects include guarding equipment and high risk areas at manufacturing facilities, welding plants, smart warehouses and automated fulfilment centres.

Bosch Rexroth Projects

5. Test Rigs

We regularly work on projects requiring test rigs for product development, mid-production, and post-production testing and quality control. We’ve worked with a wide range of R&D, manufacturing and assembly companies to build bespoke test rigs using Bosch Rexroth profiles, and these often require integration with systems such as barcode readers and feedback electronics to record details of the products tested.

Due to the moving parts and high forces involved in test rigs, we use Bosch Rexroth aluminium strut profiles for strength and durability, and can spec out the most appropriate components for your requirements. Rigs we’ve worked on include ones to test anything from hairdryers to pneumatic sealant guns, so the possibilities are endless.

We often provide a turnkey service for this type of project due to the complexity and specific requirements involved. This usually involves us meeting with the customer to develop the concept, design and build the rig, and planning the integration with automation elements such as electronics and pneumatics. We can provide additional fabrication for fixtures or jigs if required, and can also supply any controls and motors needed.

If you need any support with projects like the ones outlined above, or indeed any other kind of assembly technology project, get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements.

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