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Powered manufacturing conveyor systems from Bosch Rexroth

We’re often asked about powered conveyor systems for use on production lines, and have expertise in providing these for a range of manufacturing environments.

As an authorised Bosch Rexroth partner providing complete solutions, there are two motorised conveyor systems we generally recommend as a starting point, depending on your project and requirements. The Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow Plus chain conveyor system and TS2 Plus transfer system are both reliable, versatile options,
and can handle heavy use in a busy production environment.

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Powered Conveyor Systems

Powered Conveyor Systems

VarioFlow Plus chain conveyor system

The Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow Plus is a high-performance, modular chain
conveyor system. Made from standardised modular components that can be used for all system widths ranging from 65 to 320mm, it offers a versatile solution and can operate at multiple gradients and heights on the manufacturing floor. The smart connection technology enables it to be easily converted or extended as required.

Providing a slim, lightweight motorised conveyor system, the VarioFlow Plus is an economic option and ideal for a number of assembly line applications where items need to be transported around the factory in high volume and at speed.

It provides an ideal industrial conveyor system for moving parts quickly and efficiently around the production or distribution area, and the tight chain surface means even small components can be transported safely. Thanks to the low friction materials used, this system provides quiet operation compared to alternatives, creating a more pleasant working environment.

The VarioFlow Plus comes with a range of different belt options, including ESD, as well as a stainless steel framework version.

LR Engineering regularly adds elements of metal fabrication to VarioFlow Plus projects to maximise opportunities for efficiency and meet bespoke requirements.

Powered Conveyor Systems

TS2 Plus transfer system

The Bosch Rexroth TS2 Plus transfer system provides a larger, more robust option for busy production environments. Suitable for use in ESD environments, dry rooms, clean rooms and other challenging conditions, the TS2 Plus motorised conveyor system is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of industries.

This heavyweight conveyor can transport items between different areas of the manufacturing facility, and its modular design means it is adaptable for a range of uses, with belt, flat-top chain or roller chain conveyors. As a pallet conveyor system, the TS2 Plus is ideal for assembly lines, enabling products to be built on pallets on the line, and easily transported between different assembly stages.

For conveyor system projects using the TS2 Plus, our in-house fabrication division can provide custom jigs and fixtures to meet your exact requirements and support products on the manufacturing line, all compatible with the conveyor system.

Motorised conveyor system
industry applications

We’ve worked on Bosch Rexroth projects within a number of manufacturing industries, and typical applications for Bosch conveyor systems include:

Powered Conveyor Systems


Powered Conveyor Systems


Powered Conveyor Systems


Powered Conveyor Systems

Computer &
Electronic Products

Powered Conveyor Systems

Food &


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